Monday, January 23, 2012

Just a li'l something

An unkind word,
For a li'l something I said. 
A li'l something I wished for you. 
A li'l something I don't want you to suffer
The way I have. And still do.
You're angry. I'm upset.
Apologise, I did,
Though not wholeheartedly. 
I look out for you, my silly child.
Because I must. I look out for you
more than I do for myself. 
Why, I sometimes wonder,
When you pay no heed to the love.
When you pay no heed to the tenderness.
When you look past the thick,
warm layers of love
I've wrapped around you.
For you to be safe.
For you to be happy. 
For me to take away
all that bothers you. 
Every speck of sadness
that threatens to hover,
A heartful of my love
to drive it away.
What's in it for me?
What's in it for you?
Except your gentle, carefree snores. 
And a tearful night ahead of me. 
All this, for a li'l something
I said. 
Just a li'l something. 


Sakshi said...

You wrote exactly what I feel now!

phatichar said...

Super. :)