Friday, May 20, 2011

Losing you?

I fear losing you. 
Stupid cliche?
I think not. 
Not anymore.
Scary? Not when it 
Happens to someone else. 

When it's you?  
Shatters my world. 

What world, really? 

The one we've carefully 
Built together? 
Of the home facing the sea? 
Where sounds of your 
Laughter, are what only waves 
Are made of? 

Where love runs through 
The hallways
Like a child, mischievous?

Where arguments crumble 
Like our daughter's dominos?
Where you and I grow 
To love one another. 
Grow older? Better?

Where beauty fades away.
But love engulfs?

Is it the same home? 
The same world?
Is it so brittle? 
A mere domino, 
Is that what it is?

Answer me this. 
You owe me an explanation. 
You give me some answers. 

I know you have none.

Answer me this. 
Wash me of my guilt.
So I hate not my own soul. 

Do this for us. Do this for me. 
Selfishness, I seek refuge in you. 
Wipe away my tears. 
And I shall wipe yours.

For is that not what makes you and me,
My soulmate?


partywithneha said...

Nice and sublime.

rakshas said...

feels abstract but says something about you which I can't fully decipher yet. I will as I read more. Keep going kid. Nice!!

Pushkaraj Shirke said...

wipe away my tears... and i shall wipe yours :) that's love right there :) nnnnnnn..... :)