Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes. I am all those things...

Yes. I...

1) Swear.
2) Get extremely angry.
3) Am impulsive.
4) Can be immature
5) Nag
6) Am Lazy
7) Am all messed up.
8) Am emotional
9) Am spoilt
10) Am unreasonable, sometimes.
11) Am arrogant.
12) Am vengeful.
13) Am wicked.
14) Am a procrastinator.

But, I also...

1) Love with all I have
2) Am the best friend.
3) Understand.
4) Don't judge.
5) Am your equal.
6) Stand up for what's right.
7) Am the hopeless closet romantic.
8) Will do anything for you.
9) Am a good daughter / sister.
10) Return lost mobile phones to their owners.
11) Am independent.
12) Am accomodating.
13) Am the eternal optimist.
14) Am generally happy and positive.
15) Am always there.

Is it then, so hard to love me? Is it so easy to hate? I take you with your flaws. Can't you focus on the good for me?

I'm not perfect.

I'm not trying to be.

I'm just myself.

Do you still like me?


Oolszimp said...

You're also:
Dependable and you buy your friends pretty things randomly (although not why i like you ..well maybe partially why :p)
and you pick up the phone at odd hours of the night/early morning/noon whatever
and you share sweets like who does that? Yeah.
And that's why you'll always be my closest friend. I love you.
PS: I'd love you more if you don't hate my creature family *meow*

Kiran said...

Well-written. And applies to most of us I guess. I mean .. I, too am most of those things you mentioned .. and .. I too only desire to be liked by those I like.

Shayon said...


Kashika said...

Why, of course I like you! What a silly question. :) :P

pst pst said...

i luvrre u baby !

rakshas said...

i don know you yet as we have spoken for hardly few mins and a few sentences... i am not sure i was comprehensible either in those few sentences :) ...but i have been reading your posts in an irregular basis and it's tough not to acknowledge the literary pleasure i derive from them... may be this will transcend to something more worthwhile soon.. and i will be in the queue to sign your autograph on my paperback edition, written by whiny the moo.... ;)

golden_retreat said...

like u mugu..very much