Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bang-galore chronicles in a blog post

Yes, so I've been away for a while.

So, I haven't been blogging much.

So, I can't really say I didn't get the time to write.

So bloody what?


It's been 20 days so far. And quite honestly, I like this place. True that my house-owner is a fat, rotten asshole who makes me pay for the damaged plumbing in the flat, and that the auto drivers here should be castrated without anasthesia, but there's something about Bangalore that makes you feel like you are a part of it. The city welcomes you into its fold and lets you be. It's non-intrusive and young, just the way I like it. 

House-hunting wasn't half a nightmare that it promised to be, thanks to Wish. The torrents of Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil he bursts into are highly irritating at most times, but really useful when you're house-hunting. I will not grudge him the languages ever again. To get back to the point, I have a really pretty, decently equipped house, that my parents have put their sweat and blood to do up for me. What would I do if they hadn't come along to help me set it up? I think I'd have dumped all my stuff on the floor and thrown a noisy tantrum. Hmm.

I'm not going to get into the tedious nitty-gritties of moving. It's completely tedious work and I'd advise you to avoid it like the plague if you can. Unless of course, you have a good enough reason like I do. :)

Work is good. It's been my first week in advertising. Feels strange to have moved on from journalism (for the time being, at least). Although I can't really say I miss the pointless press conferences and events. Advertising lets me be. On most days, I can be in my corner and blast music in mine own ears, and no one bothers with me. I can keep doing my own thing for hours, unless of course there's something urgent to be done. There aren't PR calls to attend, which is somehow the biggest blessing God has bestowed on me. It sometimes gets quite dull, but then, I think anyone moving from Mumbai to any other place in the world will feel the same way.

So far, no complaints. Life's good.

I love the vibe that this city gives out. Remember the vacation to Bangalore I'd taken in January? I couldn't help but think of Bangalore as the one place I'd like to move to, if I had to get out of Mumbai. Well, whaddaya know?

I don't know if I'll feel the same way once the next month starts and the bills start pouring in. When the bank balance will not be enough whatever the hell you do. When the extreme urge to eat steaming hot homecooked food will reach unbearable levels. When I'll sell my soul in a jiffy just to be able to hug mom and dad. When I'll be dying to have a Sunday afternoon that involves freaking out with the WiseAss and LOTS of mad laughter.

But I'll live through it. I'll have to.

I don't miss Mumbai. I miss my people. I miss my family, Mika, Lammy, Bippers, the whole freakin' lot. :(

But Mumbai, I didn't have a life when I was with you. Sorry. I don't miss you one bit.


Jaspreet said...

hmm.. glad u like the place.. i know the whole living away from parents deal. not that i made it easier for u d other day vid mi comments, but still.. heheh..
buy ur scooty n be free.. loads to explore there i tell u. :D

Neo said...

Bangalore does have a charm which separates it from other places. Very much like Pune.
Wish I could move back there tomorrow. I miss the mallu bakeries (all bakeries are owned by my country cousins) the hot chips, the concerts and most importantly my peeps.
Make sure you go to your neighbourhood bakery to try the snacks. They are totally worth it!!

Sakshi said...

Hmmm, you are making me jealous... but I guess, you winsome and you lose some.
You will have a great great time, and soon, you will settle down.

Teaser said...

You are from mumbai!! you can't possibly like bangalore so much ... bangloreans hate bangalore!! ... The city never used to shut down and now people are driven away at 11 .... you experience summer winter rainy seasons in one day, its worse than England ... Don't get too attached to the city cause even with all these helluva flaws you will get addicted to it! (twitter follower)

Sreejit said...

Wow.. good to know u liked the new place and also that it has started u to get bloggin.
My wife would love u post this post, she loves anyone who is even remotely associated with Blore...

Oolszimp said...

I know how you feel niwwy.
But I'm so glad one of us is finally living alone. Independence is scary cause of the zillion things you mentioned but it's how you grow.
Having a place of your own. Wow.
I miss you much and ima come visit you soon as i can.
Don't die on me.

Shayon said...

Welcome to Bangalore! :-) *of course, I won't mention the fact that it's been 20 days and we still haven't managed to meet*

You are one lucky girl, to have your parents come down and help you set you up. As far as I am concerned, right since the very first time I stepped out of my house, I was completely on my own. As a matter of fact, it would be me getting my house civilized so that my parents could visit me :-p

As for Bangalore, it is really a lovely place to be in, as long as you lovely company. And I am sure you have a lot of that ;-)

Mugger Much said...

Bah. Humbug.

The Goddess of Boho said...

First time here!
Nice blog you have there :)
Bangalore sure sounds nice.
believe it or not I really want to movie from Mumbai.
Liek I had too much of this city.
And you don't miss the events and conferences?
I love getting free stuff, so yea I'm all game for them :P
Good luck with the advertising :)

Phantom said...

You are scaring me and also making me jump in excitement i cant wait to get there permanently... I used to come there often for exams, weekends, holidays, silly seminars or workshops... Now to think that am moving there permanently i am getting the jitters. I hope blore treats me well.

Rahul said...

Moo, I agree with Teaser, being a Moo-mbai girl, you liked Bangalore so much.... :-0

Anonymous said...

welcome to bengaluru... hope we make u feel home :)
soon you'll bitch about the traffic, and chill about the weather.. but yes, people here are generally nice to everyone, and you'll wonder where do 8 million people get their daily dose of crack...
you'll love it here