Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis Christmas, gentle folks! *Hic*

...and so we’ve reached the end of another eventful year. Almost.

I know you’re going to hate me for saying this, but honestly, 2009 wasn’t a bitch to me at all. In fact, it was one of the nicest years of my life. Any year you didn’t lose someone you know to a terror attack, a flood, a morning walk stabbing session or a reality show has to be great, right? Oh and neither did I get a pink slip (does a white petticoat count?), a pay cut or the lack of an increment.

2009 was the year that’s helped me become the person I am. And I’m sorry if this is coming across as a egotistical post, but I’m not sure I care what you think. So let’s talk some more about me.

The year that’s almost over helped me learn a lot. It made me wiser as a person, brought new friends into my life, helped enrich bonds with the old ones, took me travelling to Delhi and Trivandrum, taught me how to write better, made me realise I’d die without Twitter, taught me to love and be loved and got me new high-heeled shoes.

You really can’t grudge a year like that.

And hence, dear 2009, you shall be missed. But absolutely not if 2010 gets me a 200% hike in my salary.

Now now, what’s with the hurry to shut the Firefox window? You really didn’t think I’d let you read all through without listing out my New Year resolutions now, would you? Come now, I will take you through all the false promises I am making to myself, simply because I can then prove to thee how terribly bad I am at commitment.

1) 1) I will travel more this year. In fact, I will save up some cash every three four months and travel to a city I haven’t been to. Alone, if the parents can’t make it. But travel I will.

2) 2) This year, I will click more photographs. I have begun to love the amazing feeling that a well-taken photograph brings. I believe I have come a long way this year on the photography front too, since I’ve stopped chopping off people heads and arms and am including their entire body in the frame.

3) 3) I will cut down on junk food. The expanding waistline is threatening to pop out of my jeans. While we’re on the subject, I have no pretences about being regular to the gym. Ever again.

4) 4) And I WILL write more this year. Seriously. The sorry amount of times I’ve updated my blog freaks me out. How can I person with an opinion on every damned thing not have anything to say on the blog? Also note that I will comment on my friends’ blogs more often. Only then can I resolutely bully them to comment on mine.

5) 5) I will read more. Although I can’t say I wasn’t satisfied with the number of books I bought the last year.

6) 6) I will go out there and meet newer people. 2010 is going to make me a social butterfly. Spare me the air-kissing, though. Try that and I’ll spit on you.

7) 7) I will learn more gaalis. This is absolutely necessary since auto and taxi drivers are striving hard to make me miserable every day.

8) 8) I will write more on paper than this electronic nonsense. Will also buy more lovely stationery. Please note: amazing stationery does to me, what sexy lingerie does to men. I is a geek.

9) 9) I will stick up for myself more often. 2010 will bring out the no-nonsense side of me, both at the professional front and in personal life. But I promise to be my nice self at most times.

10) 10) I will not work the terribly long working hours I do right now, unless I have to. I will stop faffing around through the day only to sit till 8.30 every evening.

11) 11) I’m going to cry less and make more people cry. I’m so serious about this. Bwahahahaha!

12) 12) I will stalk fewer people on Facebook. I need to realise that looking at completely retarded photographs of fucktards isn’t right, especially when it’s 7 p.m. in the evening and I should be leaving for home.

13) 13) This year, I will stick to my New Year resolutions.

I’m sure I’ve missed out a few. But then, if I didn’t think of them when I should have, they’re probably the important ones I SHOULD miss.

So go on then, what are you planning for 2010? You know where the comments section is. Use it!


Toon India said...

I can surely help you with the 7th let me know :)

Anonymous said...

nice resolutions... next year let me know how many of these u really stick to. then i'll consider those for my 2011 resolution.
anyway the earth is shutting down on 2012 so u might help me figuring out my last new year wishes. :P

Aditya Nandode said...

Nice, resolutions. On introduction I envy u on having such an easy life, its all i ever dreamed of, the part till u talked about introduction.

Sreejit said...

Even before the year ended you have come up with the resolutions. Good job..
I love point 4.
Have a even better 2010.

Sakshi said...

I use a goddamn CHROME and not a Fire FOX. And that is all you get, if you don't comment on my posts...!!!

Wonderwall said...

Photography tips are at your disposal.Dont hesitate to ask but if you get 200% increment in your pay at least 80 is mine.Deal?
Here look at the blog and be inspired (while I pimp it on your blog haha)

Lamont said...

Hey Sweets,

Hope you keep up to all ur resolutions in 2010..... also will contribute to the travel fund, if you promise to get me somthg from every place u visit..... N yes u must write more often, u know ur a brilliant writer.... Anyway here is wishing u the best n even better year ahead, may u be loved even more n earn looottssss more...


G@K said...
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G@K said...

How about 14) Buy G@KKY lots of presents? :p

Amit said...
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Amit said...

lucky u......neither did u lost some one nor did u got a pink slip.......any ways gud piece of writing......some of the points are seriously very funny......specially 8 and 11.......keep writing...have fun....

*Shreya* said...

[i] I will stalk fewer people on Facebook. I need to realise that looking at completely retarded photographs of fucktards isn’t right,[/i]
oh come one!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING beats THAT when it comes to pass-times :D

[i]I will write more on paper than this electronic nonsense. Will also buy more lovely stationery.[/i]
WOW. even i like!!!! pencils and new new books and erasers and pens and colour they'r SO cool!!!

*Shreya* said...

ok i used the wrong brackets for the yabba dabba dooooo effect :|

golden_retreat said...

hey, are u really interested in photography? can u give some tips?

Aditya Marathe said...