Sunday, August 03, 2008


Was blog surfing / hopping or whatever, and came across this tag. Found it rather interesting, and since I have nothing else to talk about nor anything else to do, thought of taking it up. Heck, screw reasoning. Goodness knows I love tags. :D Here goes.

I am: Whimsical, extremely hyper, unreasonable.

I think: Relationships aren't meant for me. I'm too idiosyncratic.

I know: I'm deeply in love. And loved back in multiples of infinity.

I want: To age gracefully.

I have: Everything I need. Except enough clothes.

I wish: There were more weekends in a week.

I hate: Men talking to a woman's breasts.

I miss: Waking up at 11 a.m. EVERY morning.

I fear: My loved ones dying in a bomb blast leaving me behind.

I feel: Deeply about being a mediocre writer. I wish I could be better.

I hear: The voices in my head. There are about thirty five thousand of them.

I smell: Of Nike deodorant at all times.

I crave: Greenery.

I search: For some order in my chaotic life.

I wonder: For how long will I be this happy.

I regret: Meeting the wrong people and giving them my best.

I love: My family, him, gym, work. In that order.

I ache: In the heart region, when I'm upset with the most important people in my life.

I am not: Suspicious. I trust too easily.

I believe: That some people will always remain obnoxious. Stop trying to change people and the world

I dance: To the music of love.

I sing: Very horribly.

I cry: For silly reasons. Or when the heart is aching.

I don’t always: Remain upset for long. But neither do I always forgive.

I fight: When you mess with my values or principles.

I write: When everything else fails to soothe me.

I win: Because the other person tires of arguing with me.

I lose: To a passionate kiss, or an 'I love you' whispered in my ear.

I never: Leave home without wearing eyeliner.

I always: Miss home whenever I'm out.

I confuse: Serbia with Siberia.

I listen: To nobody.

I can usually be found: At work. In the gym. In Inorbit Mall. At home.

I am scared: Of being mediocre in whatever I do.

I need: Constant love and attention.

I am happy about: How my life is right now.

I imagine: To be hugely successful and very rich, in about seven years.

I tag: No one. I shove this tag under my butt and refuse to get up.


Gentle Whispers said...

I hate you. You already did this tag. Now whom do I tag? *Grrrr*

chandni said...

when I did this tag, I found it therapeutic!

homecooked said...

Hey....nice tag :)