Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Working Woman...Shhh...

After being a crocodile, pig, mule, hippo (and all the other lazy, sloppy, slow animals you can think of) for more than two months, your favourite cow decided to go and find a job. What a stupid decision, that. Egad! So, after about endless lazing around in bed till 11 a.m. every morning, yours truly has to wake up at 7 a.m. SHARP, finish all her business in an hour, and travel standing to work EVERY fucking day. It's a different thing that life seems better when I do get to work, but sometimes, there's not much to do, and I wish I was home, or with him. Heck, I always feel the last bit. :)

Anyway, working life's good. As of now, I'm afraid of my boss, but my colleagues are adorable. It's so good when you have young, patient colleagues, who're girly in a nice kinda way, but are always free with their time to help. I've just started attending bloody press conferences at annoyingly fancy ass five-stars, and so far I think that's what I hate about this job. Stupid pretentious buildings from hell. With their silly, pretentious food. I've a good mind to carry my lunch with me, the next time. At least it doesn't judge me when I can't eat with a knife and fork. When, oh, WHEN will I master the art of cutlery? Anyway, that's beside the point.

There's nothing much happening with me these days. I don't even have time to read a book, sleep, return calls of friends who still care I exist (which I don't think will last very long), sit with mum for a while and catch up on her life and issues, heck, I even miss gym sometimes. :( What could get worse than THAT?

This is turning out to be one of the most boring posts I've churned out in a while. In fact, there's so much to say, but no time to write it. Lunch's here. So I've gotta hog. :D Toodle-oo, me hearties. And pray that I can write sooner and more frequently.

* breaks coconut in front of blogging deity*


mistercrowley said...

*gai hamaari maata hai*

Anonymous said...

now thats coporate life. and since you have just began its ok, give it sometime you will learn to control it.

all the very best

homecooked said...

Hey congrats on getting a job :) And you already started getting assignments. Thats really good!

chandni said...

oh cmon! who cares about cutlery when u can chew the cud!

congrats n all that!

Gentle Whispers said...

Yay !! Your back. New. Post. Now

Arcopol Chaudhuri said...

Hey, you should see how the regional press eats at press cons! Why do you think movie press cons are so crowded!

Moo said...

@ Mister Crowley,

Erm. Ok. If you insist. :P

@ Anonymous,

Thanks pal. :) Isn't 3 weeks a long enough time to control your bloody life? No? Sigh. Ok. :(

@ Homecooked,

Not so many assignments as random, annoying press conferences, but I'm learning to love it. :D Gradually, they'll let me write too!

@ Chandni,

Truly spoken like the wise woman that you are! :) But a little less clumsiness with the bloody cutlery, WOULD be nice. :D

@ Gentle Whispers,

Yay. I. Was. Very. Elated. Too. :D

@ Arco,

Why you targeting only regional press, bey? That's sorta racist, dontcha think? :-S