Thursday, November 29, 2007

An SMStolary story....

“jst came bck 4m wrk out. wil showr n buzz u. tc.”

“ok. cal soon. hav to tel u smthng.”

“bck. feelng gr8 now. Wats up?”

“dhruv n shamila getng marrid!!! finaly nt w8ing 4 parnts prmissn. Wild na?”

“wat!!!!!!!! shit! Dhruv mad kya? Shamila’s parnts will murdr both. d marrge wil wrk only if dey move out of d cntry. lol.”

“i knw ya. tried teling dem. neway, d big day’s this weeknd. Cm to court, k? smal party aftr d rgistratn. I gtg nw. seeya satrdy. *hugs*

------- xoxox -------

“dhru & sham fckin eloping! pia msgd. Satrdy weding. u cn close dat mouth nw! :D”

“i cnt blve dis. u takng my case kya?”

“na na. honest. Strday aa jana. maja ayenga. seeya”

------- xoxox -------

“D mst bizar thng has happ. sid (d guy in my bldg) sez ur cuzin getng marrid to sum guy in secrt. lol..ur fmily’s rockin!”

“wat d fck? R u sure? Wil kil u if dis is a joke…”

“arey ma kasam. go chck na. dnt kil me. :)”

------- xoxox -------

“Man, u rock. Thnks so mch. D bitch was planng to run away ystrdy. Tld my folks n dey tld hers.

They’ve lockd her up. Frnticaly lookng 4 grooms now. Thnks agn. U savd evrythng. wil cal u latr.”

------- xoxox -------


WiseAss said...

I'm sure you copied this from somewhere :p

- said...

this better not be true :( I wanted a happy ending!!!

Essji said...

totly awsum! nt 4 druv & shamila thugh.

Bharat said...

shattering for dhruv n shamila, but funny in a weird way.
how did u conjure up this stuff?

bloggerankur said...

Sigh. Couldn't see the funny side as the others.

This shouldn't have happened, if it really did.

Daniel 'DeX' D'Souza said...

hmm.... serious talk here....

refering to the above posts... :p


well done@!!