Sunday, February 05, 2006

Love Knows No Boundaries

Its already been half-an-hour of waiting, and there’s still no sign of him. And he is perfectly capable of turning up a further one hour late too. Doesn’t he know waiting at a crowded railway station after a hard day’s work is no fun at all? Sigh! There’s always something more important than me he has to finish. Meetings to be attended, friends to be called, money to be earned. I could wait, as I always did and I always would. He’d taken me for granted. Something I normally wouldn’t allow from anybody. But for obvious reasons, the case with him is different.
What are these reasons? I love him. And when you’re in love, nothing else matters. Religion, parents’ opinion, your sense of right and wrong, all go for a toss. The world becomes beautiful and innocent. Small things give abundant joy. It’s the most beautiful thing to ever happen to anyone, and everything else seems so immaterial. Love is love, and trivial things do not count. What else would make me wait for so long for him at god-forsaken places like crowded bus-stops, coffee shops, beaches or sometimes even the usual lamp-post near his house?
I met Aditya at a club three years ago. He seemed smart and interesting in the very first impression. And immediately, something inside me told me I wanted to get to know him better. Soon, numbers were exchanged and ‘chance’ meetings became frequent, and it didn’t take long for both of us to realize that we were in love with each other.
My parents had no inkling that Adi (as I fondly called him) existed, and I didn’t try telling them. They had never known about the previous boys I’d been dating since junior college, too. In a nutshell, I never let them in on my feelings for anybody.
Adi is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. I think he’s very understanding, calm, mature, and he loves and cares for me a lot. Somehow he’s everything I’ve always wanted to be. I often wonder why he’s with me, for three years at that. In spite of me asking him this repeatedly, he can never give me an answer, or maybe he really doesn’t have one. I simply adore his don’t-care-a-damn attitude; he just doesn’t care what people had to say, and can get unpleasant individuals out of his system in a matter of seconds. That’s just why, I can’t but help being flattered because what I say does matter to him. He tells me every little thing, and does not hesitate to cry like a little child in front of me, if he feels like it. He takes my advice whenever needed, too. He respects me as a person, and there is very little about him that annoys me.
Adi’s 29 and I’m 27, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. We both have good jobs, we both love each other, and we will be happy with each other. Our parents would never agree to get us married off, and like that wasn’t enough, they’ve already started looking for girls to get him married off. But Adi just keeps on rejecting them.
Even right now, I’m dying to meet him. He’s just back from an official trip to Europe, and I haven’t met him in two weeks. He says he’s got me a present, like he always does. The last time he was in Europe, he got me a large bottle of French wine. Well, I do wish he’d hurry up and come. the last few moments of waiting are always more excruciating than waiting two whole weeks. Oh, there he is! Perfectly toned body and a new haircut! He just looks better each day….
A tight embrace and we’re locked for a timeless moment. A moment where everything seemed so right. He then gently whispered in my ear, “I’ve missed you so much! I love you a lot, Rishabh.”

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G@K said...

Waaah!!! Kya twist that. Kabhi expect bhi nayi kiya yeh ending. Phate story hain boss.